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I Shiba Lal Rawat was born in  of Patarasi Rural Municipality 4, Jumla in 2033/2/10 BS.   I completed my school education from Rin Mokshaya Secondary School, Dillichaur.  Then I received scholarship to get higher education in Kathmandu by Karnali Institute of Chaudhabisa, Jumla, eastablished by Prof Dor Bahadur Bista.  

I came to Kathmandu in 2052 Baishak. The father of Anthropology & Sociology of Nepal and the founder of Karnali Instutue Prof. Bista encouraged me to go for community service after complete my higher studies.  But unfortunately he disappeared in 2052 Poush.  After his disappreance, my scholarship stopped.  Then the real struggle of my life began.  But his idea to do community service was rooted in my mind.   


In 2068 I got an opportunity to attain training on “7 habits of a highly effective people”.  There the facilitator asked us to write 5 minutes non-stop writing on mission of our life.  Following the suggestion, I wrote to promote my wife Mrs. Ganga Devi as business person who will be selling the organic local agriculture products produced at my village to Kathmandu and earn better livelihood.  

This idea worked well with the help of my friends: they collected 4 tons of local beans and sent it to me at Kathmandu.  But the next question occurred to me: where to store the beans, how to sell and where to sell.  I tried to sell it through retailers & whole seller shops of Kathmandu but they ignored to sell due to higher price with compare to other available lentils.  But I did not give up the idea of selling local agricultural products in Kathmandu.  With this need and passion to sell the local products in Kathmandu, I established and registered “Himali Product Trading Center” at Department of Commerce, Supply and Consumer Protection Management, Babarmahal in FY 2068/69.  


Now, I have this company in Khursanitar 3, Lazimpat Kathmandu in a rented land.  This company does collection, processing, packing, and selling of locally collected products.  I have sell out center at Hanumansthan, Anamngar, Kathmandu as well.   Very recently we have started the online shopping center as well.  The love and affection of the costumers, I with my wife and children have been living a decent life in Kathmandu.  At the same time, my family has been dedicated to render service to the community in which I belong to. The belief and satisfaction of the costumers is the asset of our family business. Our main objective is win-win situations to all involved stakeholders i.e. farmers & customers by providing good commodity prices & quality products. 

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